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How to Add a Password to a Notepad TXT? Protect your files

To compare any files, first, you need to install free Notepad++ Editor software. After installing that software, now we need install compare plugin for notepad++ software. To install that plugin open Notepad++ and look for Plugins option. Current Folder browser — To compare a file or folder, right-click the selected file or folder and select […]

Build python development environment in Notepad++ Zeyuan Tang’s Blog

New contracts are rarely created from scratch and therefore may look quite similar. Comparison helps employees keep every detail under control. As you can see, I do not care about the data type of the new custom column. The lines with “The Hulk” and “The hulk” are now considered a match, and no difference is […]

NotePad++ 8 4 Highlights every Instance of the first word in the document after clicking HELP ABOUT Issue #11639 notepad-plus-plus notepad-plus-plus

Vim (cross-platform) supports ability to restore from the “swap” file . It offers all the features which Microsoft Word provides. Use this option if you’ve connected the probe to a pin other than the Z MIN endstop pin. With this option enabled, by default Marlin will use the Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN specified in your board’s pins file […]

themes Is there a way to make notepad++ application itself dark?

After following Anon C’s post, also restart the program and the entry “XLF” will appear. It also “sounds like” a plugin but that appears to require a .dll file which this isn’t. If you get to use Notepad++ regularly, you should install the Explorer plugin. I want to replace first tab with “First” string and […]


If the file was created with TextEdit, the line endings won’t be right. In the plain text case, I would recommend TextWrangler (BBEdit’s free cousin) as it can set the line ending style for Windows. Linux does it a different way from Windows and Mac. When on a Mac, it only makes sense a […]