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The period between 1860–1940 was characterized by an Egyptian nahda, renaissance or rebirth. It is best known for the renewed interest in Egyptian antiquity and the cultural achievements that were inspired by it. Along with this interest came an indigenous, Egypt-centered orientation, particularly among the Egyptian intelligentsia that would affect Egypt’s autonomous development as a sovereign and independent nation-state. Egyptians under the Ottoman Turks from the 16th to the 18th centuries lived within a social hierarchy similar to that of the Mamluks, Arabs, Romans, Greeks and Persians before them. Native Egyptians applied the term atrak indiscriminately to the Ottomans and Mamluks, who were at the top of the social pyramid, while Egyptians, most of whom were farmers, were at the bottom.

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I would also be modest when in Egypt, cover my hair when needed, be covered in clothes and always follow him. Aside from the roof over his head, he also got a job via me and sadly works in the same office! No we didn’t have children, I never wanted any and he said he didn’t too. Not sure if that’s a red flag or not, to be honest he is too selfish, tight and immature to deal with a child anyway so it never really concerned me but I do know this can be classed as a red flag too. For the Australian lady – I agree with Melissa, you should run and run fast.

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But on the other hand my ex also stole from me but I havent written a blog on ‘don’t trust English men’ it all runs on the same principle.. You have lived the romance and the nightmare it sounds like. Your nightmare is mild compared to what it could have been, but it’s great to hear from someone that was smart enough NOT to get married and take it that far for what they misinterpreted as “real love” that would last forever. You tried it and can say it is not the right move for most.

You are in the minority for sure and I admire your ability to make those changes but still, don’t minimize the legal differences for women once married. What I think Melissa is really trying to say is WAIT and find out if you even know this guy. I’m not saying all egyptian men are like him or like the other 99% horror stories you read about but I want to caution that even when you go with caution, when everything looks safe sometimes it is not.

He was very serious, like an old head on young shoulders. He asked if i wasnt doing anything later we could go for a coffee. I took his number but didnt call him, i went shopping instead.

Still you make some good points and going into a relationship with full knowledge is the best way to proceed. I cannot imagine raising a girl in this horribly sexist country. Look at the numbers on sexual mutilation to get a sense of the reality of what this culture thinks of women.

I also read a lot that these stories are about older women. I’m young, I’m educated, I’m the “typical all american” blonde hair, blue eye, 5’6′, 115lbs girl who loves fashion and sports, who loves to read, travel, likes politics, different cultures, etc etc. I get asked out a lot here, but he was the one who started off as a friendship and i felt I had such a deep connection with, i wasn’t with him because I couldnt find love in my own country.

I don’t date different men or anything like that, though I’m obviously not a virgin, I consider myself a good woman enough for him. Any thoughts on this would be helpful, thanks. Going out with the Egyptian girls this weekend?

My Egyptian family is kind, loving to a fault, and although much poorer than some, and my m-i-l is illiterate, they are sooo generous with my daughter, whom they love and claim as their own. has one of the best matchmaking technologies in its class and uses entertaining features and one-on-one messaging. Registration is free and gives you unlimited access to view Egyptian profiles, browse, match and see who’s online and to check what interest has been shown in your profile using ‘Encounters’. You can ‘My Match’ to find the best local members for you and try out all the great features that help you to meet other members really easily. You can even see who is writing mail or wink to you.

She never leaves her home surroundings, never knows places, doesn’t travel arround. She is happy this way, she has her european comunity here and that’s it. She lives out of the real culture and society. This is also a way – but she wouldn’t be able to give yu any look at the real life here. So Girls who are searching go here for advice and opinions, should be very carefull who to take it from, and someone just for living in egypt is not immediately the right person. I can’t blame them though, Egyptian men are very charming, but for God’s sake the red flags in many cases are so obvious they are slapping them in the face.

All I meant to say is to simply be able to expand and go beyond one’s own cultural and historical boundaries . As to personalities, people are who they are. One could have a personality different from his/her own brother or sister, or may be the neighbor next door. Many couples have to compromise to get along to overcome their conflicting personalities. No matter what they tell you in the beginning eventually things start to change and maybe you don’t realise. Life in Egypt is incredibly hard, I am 32 and would like children soon and this is one of the many reasons I don’t wish to stay in Egypt..