What Are The Red Flags When Dating A Single Mom?

When you first start dating though, it’s so important that you don’t try to be the new dad. Without a doubt, you’re going to experience some criticism as a single mom. People will judge you because of the preconceived view of mothers who are sole caretakers of their little ones.

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Single moms have an amazing capacity for sharing all their love with everyone. If you’ve been lucky enough to fall for a single mom, let her decide what she wants to share with you about her children—and when. Remember, you might know that you’re a nice guy, but she just met you and has to keep their safety in mind.


Allow her kids, co-parent, and family members to ask you questions about yourself while they build trust and get to know you better. Even if he’s a toxic person, she still has to communicate with him occasionally and might find it better to “make nice” with him for the kids’ sake. Telling her to cut off communication with him isn’t helpful—just be there for her to vent. Getting to know her kids is a step toward deepening your relationship, so make sure you’re serious about her and ready for that kind of commitment. Give the kids time to warm up to you after you meet. Don’t be disheartened or take it as a red flag if she never invites you over to her house.

Remind your little ones how much you love them, and give them all the help they need. Being kid-free will also ensure you rest well and attend to your personal needs. More so, catering to some seemingly impossible desires like dating would be achievable during this time frame. Without a doubt, you’ll cherish the alone time that you’ll get. Think about something you hope to accomplish within a period and plan towards it. It could be short-term or long-term, ranging from the family’s essential needs to the recreational ones.

Having a physical relationship with other moms who understand your pain is second to none. This reason is why joining a meetup group is recommended. It’s an activity that can occupy your time and fill up the space that aloneness might cause. The bright side is that kids love helping out and adore the idea of routines.

Don’t feel ashamed, guilty, or like a failure for doing so. You aren’t a burden to your loved ones, and you never will be. And don’t give your address or issue an invite to your home unless you feel really comfortable. You can’t swan off when you like or spend hours chatting on the phone when you should be helping your kids with their homework. No need to bare all the details such as childcare arrangements and their father. You might be in the market for a fling and end up with Mr. In good times and in bad, till death do us part or encounter a date with varying dating objectives.

My single mum status should tell you that I am likely to have been hurt in the past and it is up to you to prove yourself worthy of me and my child. These changes are more intense if a woman is a single parent. From my own dating experiences, here are things that you should know about dating a single mum. With so many different responsibilities to juggle, sometimes all a single mom needs is to hear that she’s doing a good job.

Would you wear a ‘single ring’ to let strangers know you’re available?

This article was co-authored by Moshe Ratson, MFT, PCC. Moshe Ratson is the Executive Director of spiral2grow Marriage & Family Therapy, a coaching and therapy clinic in New York City. Moshe is an International Coach Federation accredited Professional Certified Coach . He received his MS in Marriage and Kink D Family Therapy from Iona College. Moshe is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy , and a member of the International Coach Federation . Letting her down will send the message that you’re not dependable, and that’s not the kind of person she wants to have around.

Remember, if all goes well you could in no time be nurturing a relationship between your partner and your kids. Meeting someone you really like is a heady sensation; not even being a single mum can change that. This is not a good look unless they have just gotten out of a 10-year marriage with an abuser. We all have exes, and most of us have a range of different thoughts, memories and feelings about them. We may be friends with some and want to shoot others into the sun. However, when every single one of someone’s ex-partners is a “bad guy/girl”, there is one common denominator you need to consider.

She will choose an obligation to her children or co-parent over one she made to you. She needs to cancel plans more often in order to take care of her children. Many kids are also pretty protective of their mom, so they may be holding back until they’re sure that you’re good for her. It’s often a good idea to plan activities that involve the kids, like mini-golf or bowling. This gives them an opportunity to get used to you and see you interact with their mom while doing something else.

Studying the vast and complicated world of relationships entices me, and I am constantly striving to learn more, so I can then help others with more knowledge and experience. Understand that it has nothing to do with being a single parent, either. Families with both parents caring for the home aren’t ideally perfect. Every family has its problems, so it’s essential to embrace the chaos as it comes. If you spend your time focusing on what others have achieved on social media, it’ll only create a void in your life, and you’ll start feeling like you don’t measure up. Nonetheless, you can tackle this feeling by spending less time online and using the remaining hours to accomplish something for yourself.

Single mothers are often juggling busy schedules, managing everything from parenting and household management to work and sometimes school. That might mean they aren’t able to be as spontaneous as you’d like. Having said that, it’s imperative you time your transformation from knackered mum to sexy singleton precisely though. “Her kids are a priority, so the amount of time and energy she is able to put into your relationship does not necessarily reflect how she feels about you,” Dr. Friedenthal says. “Look for other expressions of interest and affection.”