10 K-Drama Couples That Ended Up Dating In Real Life

I was a bit disappointed with his moment of selfishness in front of Ki-tae’s mom… I’ve forgiven the character because his actions since have gone back to the cool, easy-going person I like so much and he seems remorseful enough to help the couple away from their stupidity. The writer has been doing that a lot throughout the series, playing with the drama tropes and doing reversals. For example, JM says she doesn’t want to be a Cinderella in this episode.

She plays Yoo Yi-Hwa, a once-vibrant woman, who has fallen into a dull and monotonous routine as a housewife. Her husband, a successful business owner, is indifferent to her and their marriage has become stale. Yi-Hwa yearns for something more in her life but feels trapped in her mundane existence. In an effort to break free from the routine, Yi-Hwa lands a job as a contract worker at a local bank. Initially, she feels intimidated by the new environment, but as she becomes familiar with the bank’s operations, her confidence grows and she begins stealing huge amounts of money from her clients. No matter what the setup is, may it be mutually decided to be arranged, something they originally wanted to go against, or marriage out of convenience, the trope still hits hard for those who enjoy it.

New Life Begins (

Jang-mi calms down enough to notice a pair of sexy red heels in his entryway, and Ki-tae just says he’s got a visitor and can’t talk now. She’s even more suspicious when she notices he’s dressed up, and shoves her way past him, only to find she’s barged into the middle of a magazine interview. Apparently Ki-tae was lying about the clinic, and he spins in his chair in boredom, lighting up at a knock on his door but wilting when it’s only Se-ah. They go to lunch and she invites him to work with her, sweetening the offer by saying they’re planning to bring in 3D technology . She assures him she’s only interested in him as a doctor.

Nam Joo-Hyuk & Lee Sung-Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo)

My top of the mind dramas would be TK2H and R1997 too! I should check out that taiwanese drama then. I’m just so happy that this show remained true to itself until the end. And that they weren’t afraid to show the OTP kissing and touching like any normal couple (thanks cable!).

They learnt they can be bitter and manipulative and alienate the people they care about , or they can accept it and support them. Yes, hugging her deliberately in front of Gi Tae’s mom was a bit a douchey, but it was also a human thing to do. He didn’t premeditate it, it was a split second decision and a really desperate one at that. The girl he had been courting and was showing a legitimate interest in and up until that point was doing the same, suddenly says she is no longer interested after he opened up to her.

He says that he found the perfect solution – keep marriage and love separate. Marriage is stability, and love is excitement. He tells Ki-tae that he should marry Se-ah, and date Jang-mi. Jung Suk, who had harbored a secret love for Mae Ri’s mother, sets up a deal with Dae Han to have Mae Ri marry his son, Jung In . In terms of adapting to the culture, she’s still adjusting. Luckily, she loves Korean food so she doesn’t have a problem with that.

Ban-do works as a pharmaceutical salesman whose whole day goes by begging people to buy his medicines. Jin-Joo is a housewife who struggles https://datingreport.org/ to find meaning in his life and feels ignored and isolated. One day they wake up and find themselves as 20-year-old university students.

But they learned how to love and accept one another in spite of that, and maybe even because of that. Absolved of guilt, Ki-tae asks what Jang-mi is hiding, and she tells him she only paid Yeo-reum for his part of the bar since he’s leaving. The busybody Gong ladies, who have been complaining about everything, now take offense that the family’s only heir is marrying a bar owner. Jang-mi’s mom hollers at them, “What’s wrong with a bar?! ” Hyun-hee stands to defend her friend, which is the first Hoon-dong’s mother has heard of her involvement in the bar, and soon the entire wedding has been taken over by fights and bickering.

The Line Between Love & Hate: 7 Fake Dating And Marriage K-Dramas To Watch

The Crime investigation storyline accommodates their blooming romance seamlessly. A guy wants to stay single while his family threatens to get him married. So he decides to make Jang Mi his fake girlfriend as he knows his family would never approve of her as their daughter-in-law. The funniest ride starts right there at their first meeting. I loved how they started every episode with some fast-forwarded scene that made you go, “did I miss an episode or something?”.

This is one of my favorite historical Romance Korean Dramas. The show offers you a wide range of emotions with two interesting love lines and love triangles. It is filled with beautiful soundtracks and a mesmerizing portrayal of characters by the actors. This is a sort of light drama to get relaxed and feel good.

Each one of them has a different story and has to work really hard in one of the most stressful, busiest jobs in the world to earn a living. The story is set 500 years ago, during the Chosun Dynasty. Korea had a male-dominated structure and a rigid hierarchical system. It is based on the true story of a legendary girl named Jang-Geung, who became the first supreme royal physician of her time. She overcame all her social discrimination in the male-dominated society and landed as a royal cook and later the physician in charge of the king. She was pulled in by a hand from the monitor while reading something left behind by her father.

Some people have been saying that yeo reum and se ah’s characters have been inconsistent, but i don’t see it that way. I think yeo reum was attracted to jang mi and did like her, so that manipulative hug was his last desperate attempt to hold on to her, spurred out of jealousy. I feel like he’s resigned himself to the fact that jang mi and gi tae have a mutual attraction, and so dealt with his feelings privately. He’s smoothed them away, and so now he’s back to being his “cool,” charming self. And, as he says, he also likes gi tae as a friend and his hyung. And like Ki-tae said, he already knows Jang-mi’s bad and embarrassing sides.

But I am beginning to love Korean culture and actors. Looking forward to visit Korea with my wife one day. This was also a great consolation after being disappointed so much with Doctor Stranger . Good directing, writing, and most of all, good actors.