Dating Safety Needn’t Be Complicated: 5 Ways To Stay Safe

And while we think that’s no excuse to skip the process, many dating apps do. What this produces is two things—an ultra-exclusive list of singles in major cities, and also a higher level of security because every single account is so heavily vetted. If you don’t live in a big city, the app won’t be great for you—not because of any security issues, but because the concentration of users is high in big cities and super low anywhere else. In addition, Zoosk has a very descriptive privacy policy that shares exactly what they will and won’t do with your data, as well as their reasons for collecting certain information.


Talk to them about how they approach dating and relationships and how to create a healthy, fulfilling one — and note that these usually require more than a swipe. Once you match with another member, you can take it further by messaging them in-app or using chat functions like instant messaging or video calls. Most online dating sites function similarly to social media platforms and are just as easy to use.

Tinder is for finding love right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that. While some hookups stay casual, others may blossom into something more. Tinder is the Editors’ Choice pick for quick, young romance that favors the physical. In 2013, I started my Ziff Davis career as an intern on PCMag’s Software team. Now, I’m an Analyst on the Apps and Gaming team, and I really just want to use my fancy Northwestern University journalism degree to write about video games. I’ve also written for The A.V. Club, Kotaku, and Paste Magazine.

Suggestions to remain safe while dating on line

In 2008, Jason earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Florida, where he studied business and finance and taught interpersonal communication. If you’ve ever worked in app security (it’s okay if you haven’t), then the chances are high you’ve heard of NowSecure. This third-party app security company has worked with the likes of Uber, IBM, Humana, and a whole host of other major companies—including The League. The League dating app is routinely audited by the company to ensure the highest level of safety and security on its platform. Elite Singles also does have a full section of it’s app dedicated to security and education users on best practices. Elite Singles top safety tip is to “question unrealistic information,” which is certainly a strategy we support for singles.

You can’t see who likes you either unless you upgrade to OKCupid Basic, which will set you back $10 a month or $30 for six months. So settle down with your favorite beverage and some time to spare and read through our pick of the best dating apps for women. At the start, you may feel like a fish out of water, but after talking to or even dating a few men you meet on dating apps, you’ll learn to look for certain signs that tell you that the dude is a good one.

Your profile should represent who you are but there is no need to overshare aspects you don’t want everyone to know. Apps like Bumble and The League have attempted to reduce fake profiles and catfishing by implementing a verified profile process within the app. This process entails a user editing their profile, taking a selfie in a specific pose. Just because you think you know a person through their profile, photos and messages doesn’t mean you can trust the person. Meet at a public location , take a cab home or have plans to meet up with a friend afterward, check in with a friend 20 minutes into your date to confirm your whereabouts.

Learn How IDShield Can Help Protect Sensitive Personal Information

Also, you don’t want any guys knowing where you live in case things don’t work out, for obvious reasons. Photo by bruno neurath-wilson on UnsplashSometimes a guy can seem wonderful but red flags keep popping up, making you have small doubts that he isn’t a great as he appears to me. These red flags are your instincts trying to warn you that he might be Mr. Wrong, Mr. Weirdo, Mr. Pervert, or even Mr. Faker. Don’t try to make excuses for these red flags that might pop up because you think he could still be the guy you’ve been looking for.

We understand that no company is perfect and technological threats are always evolving, which means even the best companies can have issues from time to time. However, if a company has like IWantU an issue and doesn’t get it corrected after the first time, that’s a major red flag. Additionally, if the first instance is because of negligence, that’s not a great look either.

For when you want the best of both worlds, Plenty of Fish has your back. That’s not to say that Grindr isn’t also a place to find serious relationships, but that’s not what you came here for, is it? Grindr is technically for gay, bi, trans, and queer people, but you’ll mostly find cis men on there.

Bumble, Tinder, Match, eHarmony, and a handful of others are reputable sites, and many have measures to prevent catfishing, though they’re not always foolproof. I’ve heard from many women I’ve coached that these sites tend to have higher-quality men, probably because they charge for their services. At, we honor the freedom, wisdom and appreciation for life that only comes with time. We also recognize that what people want in their 50s, 60s and beyond is often very different from what they wanted in their 30s and 40s, let alone their 20s. This online dating community focuses on the specific interests and desires of people like you. If you felt uncomfortable or unsafe during the date, remember you can always unmatch, block, or report your match after meeting up in person which will keep them from being able to access your profile in the future.

Most dating apps allow users to register their account with one of their social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, etc.). If the user chooses to do this, then their profile is automatically populated with information from that social networking site, such as photos and profile information. Users are also invited to share information such as their place of work or university. All of the aforementioned data makes it easy to find dating app users’ social media accounts, and depending on their privacy settings on those accounts, a host of other personal information. Thankfully, what we’ve seen over the past few years is that dating apps are moving in the right direction, letting users connect more safely. They’re working to keep the data secure, and, in the paid versions of many of the apps, users can do things like manually specify their location or blur their photos.

The unique verification technology of this app is responsible for maintaining genuine profiles on the platform. Hate it when you have to swipe away profiles just because they’re not compatible with your interests? Using its advanced AI technology, the app screens your hobbies and interests, then matches them with other users of the app. All you have to do is swipe less and start chatting and dating.

By signing up for this plan, users get access to the Let’s Mingle service and 50% off all purchases, making it a more affordable option that provides more benefits than the browser-based option of the site.’s sign-up process starts by filling out a short form where you have to input your age, gender, and preferred age range. The site will then prompt you to create an account, either by linking your existing Google account or by creating a manual profile. If you choose to link your Google account, the platform will automatically fill in the basic information fields and let you move on to the next part of the process.